Webpresence for the Kingdom: Another Webministry Launched

graceHelping Churches Grow remains our mission statement.  One of the areas we focus on in this endeavor is webminisrty. We have been blessed with the opportunity to launch a first-ever website for a small Bulgarian Church of God in Chicago metro, Grace International Church. Over five years ago, we were able to build from ground up the website of New Life Bulgarian Church of God in Chicago. We have witness its effectiveness by giving them a platform to broadcast their services live all over the world.

With much prayerful consideration and reviewing the available internet entities, we decided on GraceInternational.TV as their domain name. After the approval of the lead pastors, the vision became a reality on January 31, 2014 to usher in the New Year with webpresence for the Kingdom. With the help of GraceInternational.TV many more Bulgarians in the Chicago area will become aware of this ministry and get connected with this local church.

We have witnessed the power of the Gospel brought via the internet over the years and feel that the gifts the Lord has blessed should be used to help churches become established on the internet with e-real estate. Webpresence is an invaluable recourse. If we can be of any assistance in helping your Church Grow in the area of webministry, please feel free to contact us to discuss this opportunity. (Learn how we help churches build their own and unique web presence)

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