When We Reach Out, God Reaches In (4 of 4)

At the recent 2018 General Assembly World Missions Conference, the topic of “When We Reach Out, God Reaches In,” could not have been more profound. Several pastors approached the subject by sharing testimonies of how this concept was experienced by them and their congregations. An obvious thread of truth runs through their testimonies.

Rose Heights Church of God Pastor Doug Anderson stated one must anticipate trouble and triumph when supporting missions. When his oldest son, Ryan, was killed in an automobile accident, he took a pastorate in Dallas, Texas, for a time of healing. However, he was asked to return to Rose Heights as lead pastor. After the former pastor left, the congregation dwindled from over 1,000 to 350. Missions involvement had ceased! The church returned to the former way of giving to missions, and after the first year, raised $90,000! The Lord’s mandate was to support missionaries and missions ministries on six inhabited continents. Yet, trouble reared its ugly head again when it was discovered the accountant had fabricated financial reports for years, and the account was actually zero. A consulting firm was hired, and an offering of $50,000 was received to cover some of the loss. God began to restore all that had been stolen, and a gentleman one day wrote a check for the $90,000. The church now has 13 million and a congregation of 2,200 people.

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