Your email inbox is someone else’s agenda for your day

emailoverload[1]Your email inbox is someone else’s agenda for your day

Being E-Ready Every Minute of the Day

We all feel the pull of technology, but all the research tells us that for the sake of our mental health, we need to push back a little. Smart people know that having a fulfilling life means having a life outside work, and making time for each. Obsessively checking work email at the dinner table is a good recipe for disaster. Sure, shit happens and sometimes the family will have to suffer for the sake of work, or vice versa, but these instances should be few and far between, and not a way of life. Being glued to your iPhone at family dinners or daytrips isn’t a good way of being. Psychologist Suzanne Roff-Wexler, PhD, says, “it’s so easy to take care of matters and any where and any time – but that’s the glitch!! Too much stimulation and connection can lead to more stress because it just doesn’t end.” So set some time where your phone is off, and your attention is on the people right in front of you.

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