Overwhelming #1 Issue in Florida (Tampa & Cocoa) Listening Tour = SEGREGATION

Without a doubt, the most discussed issue many times over at both Listening Tours in Florida (Tampa & Cocoa) was the issue of segregation in Florida and broader issues of segregation or limited denominational leadership opportunities.  To pass over this issue without correction, Download and read the documents from both Listening Tours for yourself below. […]

Unification of Ohio COG, Comments from the Cocoa Listening Tour, and Hopes for an Integrated Florida State Office

*UPDATED TO INCLUDE: FL – Cocoa Listening Tour Transcript (below in red) This week, Bill Isaacs, State Administrative Bishop for Northern Ohio announced a series of developments in the trajectory of the State Offices (Northern & Southern) in Ohio from his Facebook page.  There he said… Today could mark a big step in the COG […]