6 New Books Published in 2013

1. About the Bible, a monograph on the history of the Bulgarian Bible [follow this link for more information] 2. The Gospel of Luke & Acts in the New Bulgarian Translation Series [follow this link for more information] 3. Tetraevangelion: The Complete Works of the Gospel Writers in the New Bulgarian Translation Series (2007-2013) [follow this link […]

Digital Pastor: Are you one?

You can always count on the Barna Group to release interesting studies/statistics on churches and christianity in general. If you’re interested in stats, they are the people to follow. Recently, Barna Group posted an article called “The Rise of the @Pastor.” It’s full of interesting statistics and has a great infographic. Some highlights and the infographic…

What made us Pentecostal?

Pentecostalism is a message for standing fast till the end. As Pentecostals, we preached this message before we had a sermon outline. We went without knowing. We prayed without ceasing. We prophesied without seeing in the physical or even purposefully refusing to reckon with it. We preached without a season, for preaching was the vibe of our ministry […]