Church of God Resolutions on RACISM AND ETHNIC DISPARITY (2000)

WHEREAS the Church of God from its inception has contended to be inclusive of peoples regardless of gender, cultural background or race; and

WHEREAS the 50th General Assembly in 1964 adopted a resolution on human rights affirming the worth of every individual; and

WHEREAS every race bears the image of God and has its origin in Adam who is the Father of all mankind; and

WHEREAS in Christ Jesus there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slaves nor free men, men nor women, but we are all one in Him; and

WHEREAS the Resolution on Leadership and World Vision in the 1990 General Assembly Minutes commits the church to be “international…transcending culture, race, nationalism, and politics”; and

WHEREAS we are beholden to a Christlike example and lifestyle, one of acceptance, affirmation, and unconditional love;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this International General Assembly recognizes all members of the body of Christ as equal in function and consequence, and every race and ethnic distinction a valuable and necessary field for the winning of souls and the furtherance of the kingdom of God upon this earth; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we commit towards the elimination of racism and bigotry, corporately identifying racism and bigotry as sinful hindrances which prevent us from truly realizing brotherhood and Christian love within and outside the body of the international church and the many peoples and races which it reaches and encompasses (68th A., 2000, p. 89).

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25 thoughts on “Church of God Resolutions on RACISM AND ETHNIC DISPARITY (2000)

    1. Our leadership team also includes several foreign nationals on the council of 18, the leader from the Full Gospel Church of God in South Africa and the Bethel Church in Indonesia.

      And it’s far more racially diverse than Jesus’ leadership team! 😂

    2. Ronald Lee how do you vote? Do you cast ballots? Is it all said and done top down with a show of formality from the actual membership? The churches are teathered to Cleveland. It is all beyond them. They are dictated everything from Cleveland.

    3. Ronald Lee thanks. But research AJ Tmolinsin and Frank Sanford s connection. I have come to believe that all the tounges outbeak was not as spontaneous as the church teaches. To many overlapping groups. Somebody lied to us.

    4. Ronald Lee Ronald Lee says:

      Shawn Croninger Continue to stay open to God and his word. the early Penetcostal Revival swept through many churches, Not just Church of God. No one lied that I know of and I have Like a Mighty Army.

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