Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live” (Ezekiel 37:9b). The mission of the Montana Native American Ministries and Four Winds Ministry Center is to offer a higher purpose for living and equip lives by giving hope and an expected end through Jesus Christ. The ministry is overseen by founders and directors, Ron and Kathy Countryman, and their son, Justin and his wife Jessica Countryman. The Four Winds Ministry Center is located in Big Timber, Montana. The nights in Montana are usually cool all year long. That’s why blankets and coats are needed on a regular basis, and ladies from a church in Texas hand-knitted hats and scarves. A church in Alabama provided blankets and backpacks, as well. This winter it was not uncommon for the temperature to be 38 degrees below zero at the ministry center. Brrrrrrh! At the close of last year, MNAM delivered $3,000 worth of new clothes and blankets for the children on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. For the Boys and Girls Club at Lame Deer, the children were provided with 105 new winter coats, 50 pairs of winter pajamas, 300 wool blankets, plus 48 sets of hand-knitted hats and scarves. The Dull Knife Day Care at Lame Deer was also given 25 pairs of infant/toddler pajamas and 25 blankets. As you can tell, staying warm is a priority in these parts! All the items arrived just days before a season of bitter cold and snow … over 20 inches of snow with winds creating 10 foot drifts. Temperatures dropped to 38 below with a wind chill factor of 60 below zero. None of this assistance to help stay warm could have taken place without the faithful help of their supporters. Project number 065-0503

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