New Ways to Reach the Unreached

Associate Missionary Blayne Waltrip’s ministry involves teaching at Bible schools and seminaries around the world training pastors, leaders, and church planters. He also helps national and regional leaders to develop formal and informal education by developing new schools of ministry in various countries. MANY TRAINED Since 2011, thousands of leaders, pastors, and church planters have been trained around the globe, including Australia, China, France, Belgium, Canada, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Uruguay, and the USA. UPCOMING SCHEDULE Blayne’s upcoming schedule is off to a running start this year, and he will visit Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, California, Brazil, Argentina, Washington state, Switzerland, Belgium, Albania, Ireland, Czech Republic, India, Japan, and beginning in 2018 in India and Kenya. A new high quality “Planting Healthy Churches” course (Bachelor’s level) was developed with Multiplication Network for schools around the world. TESTIMONIAL One of many testimonials states: “There is a growing need for Dr. Waltrip’s specific bent of ministry, because as we inch closer to fulfilling the Great Commission, the Holy Spirit is revealing new and creative ways to reach the unreached ones so very dear to God’s Heart. And that’s exactly what this ministry is about—finding new tools and methods to help equip the laborers in their work at the very frontier of missions.”   Safire Bose, former ASCM student from Bangladesh

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