Pope Francis’ war on traditional Catholicism has been ramping up…

Looky here! Pope pushing for a global government and global religion. This is the woman riding the beast in Revelation 17 & 18. Rev. 13 mentions the two beasts, the first beast out of the sea is the global government (UN), and the second beast out of the land or abyss (Papacy). This tells me that true believers better start getting ready for persecution that Christ warned us about in Matt. 24 (birth pains). He said that we would be hated by (ALL) nations for His namesake.

How can this be, you ask? Just imagine when this global religion becomes law under the global government, they will not allow any hate speech that goes against it. They will demand tolerance, and when the true believer says that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and that no man comes to the Father except through Him, this will be considered unlawful hate speech.

When they finally bring a pseudo-peace between the three (3) major religions of the world, they won’t take it very kindly when someone tries to disrupt their global plans for peace. The pope recently said that all religions believe in the same God. The pope and Muslims have already agreed, and I suspect we will see Israel join them in the not too distant future. So lets not forget what Paul said, “When they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come upon them like a woman in travail with child” (birth pains). Stay tuned.

Pope Francis’ war on traditional Catholicism has been ramping up recently, and he castigated Catholics who believe in tradition and refuse to warp Biblical scripture to appease a godless world for creating a “minefield of misunderstanding and hatred.”

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35 thoughts on “Pope Francis’ war on traditional Catholicism has been ramping up…

  1. Michael Hall says:

    It is good to see so much revelation coming out today. And it easy to see its all happening now. Yes the details will be different for everyone. I do believe the sheep will hear his voice once again as the days progress. Keep showing us a clear understanding of the times we are in.

  2. Marri R V Diaz says:

    There is also the hiding place, an open door for the believers who are like the Philippian believers. Rev. 4 and 14 who are purely devoted to the Lamb.

  3. Barbara Mcgaha says:

    They are already branding everything that is related to Christian as hate speech craftily using the hatred for Trump as an excuse. Everyone thinks this can’t happen in America, better open your eyes it all ready has. A religion that excepts every sin and exempts everyone from having to except a personal savior will appeal to even atheists. The pope is for open borders and socialism in America because it guarantees the fall of American. The Islamic partners can step up and take over. This could happen in a few months time. Keep them blinders on America

  4. Paula Alires says:

    The pope is a false prophet! He wants to be God! And will bring the whole world down with him! He is one of the beasts in revelation! His mortal wound was healed! Praise Jesus and God who is the Father not this Demon

  5. Michael Kepkoech says:

    That’s true BT the Israelites.. Are the chosen pple of God…though some claim Jesus didn’t resurrect.. But we have to be ready since it has surely prove itself ….and it shall happen …according to the Bible …but wht hinders is the church…

  6. Charles 'Richard' Miller says:

    The reason of the season of the Beast is to push a false worship system through ‘church & state’. It’s coming about through ‘religion’ of Sunday False Sabbath and ‘climate change/control’… they will want a law for the whole planet to ‘rest’ on Rome’s Sunday… to save the planet will be their biggest excuse.

  7. Severino Ncube says:

    I mean if the Pope does not claim to have the spirit of prophesying,hasnt made any prophesies or claimed to have had any revelations from God in prophecy,and his subjects do not consider him to be a prophet,then,why should we consider him a prophet and a false one if we do not have evidence of prophesies that he made in the past but turned out to be wrong/false?

  8. Severino Ncube says:

    in the bible we have priests and prophets.These two differ in category and function,but not to the ignorant who will conviniently lump everything into one.

  9. Severino Ncube says:

    (Mathew 24:24) For false christs and false prophets will arise and will give great signs and wonders so as to mislead ,if possible,even the chosen ones.
    a false prophet has been associated with signs and wonders,has the Pope produced those?
    our calling the Pope a false prophet is clearly not based on such descriptions as the bible has but purely on people’s false witness bearing.
    I will not stand in the assembly of false witnessbearers and evil doers!

  10. Mike Devine says:

    And then people laugh and mock you if you mention that there are NWO One World Government Elite Ones working to bring about a One World Government and One World Religion today, so they can control the people of the world!

  11. Mercy Basilio says:

    Am looking forward to the One World one government one currency one religion or better still One world one LOVE and no all other one one whatevers.

  12. Tony Tone says:

    Christianity is the white man’s religion correct? Isn’t the pope a christian also? The Roman church and the Catholics are all Christians correct? he wants all Christians back under the Roman church..and most of you will turn and point out the others and help persecute them just like before.

  13. Severino Ncube says:

    Sda nobody considers or minds you as Christians,why would anybody persecute you.
    even Islamic terrorists do not consider bombing you as part of terrorising Christians however much you appear to be attention seekers

  14. Severino Ncube says:

    The spirit in Islamic terrorists recognises you as serving the same master with them,so they spare you and bomb Catholics who are the pillar of Christianity instead

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