Sabbath Stats: Top 10 Church of God Congregations in North Georgia (2016-2017)

Top 10 Church of God Congregations in North Georgia (2016-2017): 1. Atlanta-Mount Paran $183,928.57 2. Marietta-Mount Paran North $139,242.37 3. Cartersville- Church at Liberty Square $157,492.94 4. Augusta-New Hope $114,717.31 5. Athens-Cornerstone $105,792.26 6. Augusta-Stevens Creek $105,670.00 7. Augusta-New Hope $98,707.90 8. Rome-North $78,019.00 9. Mountain West $70,199.67 10. Sharpsburg-South Metro Ministries $67,937.87

Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the Georgia “Defense of Religion” bill

Bowing to much pressure from the libertarian and pro-LGBT business community, Governor Nathan Deal today vetoed the Georgia “Defense of Religion” bill. Another loss for Christian in the Culture wars. Let me suggest that this pattern will not change until the Churches unite and pray for revival in this Nation. The Second Great Awakening (1799-1820)…

South Georgia Youth Pastor to Appear on ABC’s Rising Star Sunday 9 PM ET

One of our own, 28 year old, Joshua Peavy, Youth & Music Pastor at the Blackville Church of God will appear on the first episode of ABC’s Rising Star this Sunday at 9 PM. As many of you know, Josh was a member of the Voices of Lee (University) and has been a licensed minister…

Georgia sheriff refuses to assist A&E with future productions #StandWithPhil

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller is reportedly vowing to send a message to A&E. In a Facebook post attributed to the Georgia sheriff, he blasts the network’s decision to suspend “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. The Facebook post says his office has assisted A&E with several productions, but now he’s telling the network to take a hike.