Up until this time right now I have not said…

Up until this time right now I have not said anything about the Middle East and what’s going on, mainly because I believe that we should Bal our heads and close our eyes and ask God for direction! Man does not have an answer for what’s going on right now because we are basically in the middle of something that we don’t understand which the Bible and prophecy told us we would be there! We are standing at this moment on the brink of the rapture of the church, I know that there is many believes in many people that see things in many different interpretations? I’m not here to change your mind about the rapture of the church even though I am pre-trib! As the bible says twinkling of an eye that’s 1/32 of a blink of an eye..we’re out of here ….I really don’t care if you’re pre-trib ,post trib ,or no trib at all. when the trumpet sounds I’ll see you on the other side? I am more concerned that you believe that our Lord laid down his life for you ! And he knew that you were going to be at this moment in time (for such as a time as this) he knew you before the foundations of the earth! The word of God is true and all men are liars! We cannot Bal down to Evil, at this present time Satan runs the show … (cast down prince of the air)And the only thing that keeps it on track is The child of God!! We need to  pray before the heavenly father to ask for guidance. As a child of God the Lord Look through the porters of time and knew exactly where you were going to be at this moment right now ! at this present time !!!!take your Bible off the shelf blow the dust off of it and start reading the word of God. Start with The book of John it tells you that all was created by our Lord Jesus Christ that nothing that was made that was not made through him… that means everything that we see and everything spiritual !!!Make sure that you have trusted in what Jesus Christ did on that cross (Only by the blood that was shed Makes us righteous)1 Corinthian’s 15 :1-4 (The gospel) that Jesus reconcile you and me to the heavenly father. salvation is a gift you cannot be righteous enough or religious enough to earn it!  take time to spend some time with the creator today, we are not promised tomorrow!

God bless you all I appreciate your friendship each and everyone of you.

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