Month: December 2016

What happened at the 2016 Jubilee?

What will happen at the final Jubilee in 2016? The prophecy in Daniel 9:24 will meet its final and complete fulfillment. Everlasting righteousness will be brought in for God’s people Sin will be brought to an end for God’s people. Transgression will be finished for God’s people. Vision and prophecy will be sealed up. Jesus will come the second time. The earth will be returned to God – its rightful owner. God will have permanently […]

The End is Exaggerated

I have seen tweets and posts, news reports and editorials, all on the wish for a quick end to 2016.  I am not naive to the use of hyperbole, or ignorant to the nuances of irony, so I understand the joke regarding the number of tragic events of the year…

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