A Blessed Blessing

Am I favored?
Do you look down on me and smile?
Are my opinions respected?
Am I your most beloved child?

Why do your blessings fall upon me?
Sure, I’ve had enough heartache –
enough pain.
I’ve felt the flames of Hell,
walked a few miles of this journey in the rain.

But, ultimately, I have it good
and life hasn’t been too tough.
And so my mind often drifts away,
thinking of those whose daily lives
are worse than “rough.”

Those living with diseases
that, with just a few dollars,
we could so easily treat.
Those without blankets. or shoes;
those with nothing to eat.

I don’t understand it all,
and sometimes it makes me so very angry.
I’m beginning to realize, though,
that these contemplations are meant to change me.

If I’m blessed it’s so that I can give,
pouring out my life for others.
If I have overflowing joy,
it’s so that I can bring joy to my sisters and brothers.

I haven’t been given these blessings
so that I can keep them hidden away in a room.
I’m called to pour out my life,
until I give so much of myself
that others can only see you.

This poem © Kevin Walker. Published August 2013.

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