A Funny Bit of Life

Some years ago I remember reading about a man in Salt Lake City who decided to send out 600 Christmas cards to total strangers. He got telephone directories from several major cities and addressed 600 cards to people he had never met. He put his return address on the envelopes and mailed them out. The funny thing is, he received 117 responses from total strangers.   
One lady wrote, "It was so good to hear from you. Your card arrived the day I got home from the hospital and I can’t tell you what an encouragement it was to hear from an old friend."

There was another one wrote, "I have to admit that when we received your card we couldn’t really picture you.   We had to think hard for a long time before we finally remembered.  By the way, please give our regards to your father. He is such a wonderful man!"

But I think this one took the cake. One guy wrote, "It was so good to hear from you after all these years. By the way, we’re going to be in Salt Lake City this summer. Would it be all right if we came and spent a few days with you?" 
Can you imagine?