A National Call to Prayer for the Presidential Election

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Antonio J. Soave, an author, entrepreneur and activist, was inspired to write a short poem that is designed as a Christian prayer for our nation. The prayer-poem asks God to intervene in the presidential election and to lead our country. A full text of the prayer-poem is as follows:

A National Call to Prayer
by Antonio J. Soave

In all of our weakness and all of our sin,
we call together for prayer.

In all of our injustice and all of our pain,
we call for prayer.

For although we have offended thee, oh Father,
we call for Your guidance.

Never have we been faced with such odds,
but we reach out to you in prayer.

Never has humanity confronted such complexity,
as we call out to You in humility.

We ask forgiveness for our pride and arrogance,
and we ask that You intervene.

For the sin of abortion,
we ask Your forgiveness.

For the abuse of human embryo stem cell research,
we ask for Your understanding.

For the impurity of Your people,
we ask for Your kindness and mercy.

Lord, in heaven, we ask that You bless our nation.
Although we are not deserving, we muster the courage to ask You.
Although we are most certainly imperfect, we kindly request Your most beautiful intervention.

May You stay Your hand in justice, while we find our way.
May You overlook our stains, as You allow us to mend the path.

For we know that there is Truth, and it is in Your Son, oh Father,
and that Truth is undeniable, everlasting and all encompassing.

We ask that You bless this special nation during this time of election,
that we may recall our oath at the time of independence and formation.
That we may rest in the knowledge of Your salvation.

We know that we cannot do it alone,
for You have stood with us throughout time,
one nation under God, with peace and justice for all.


* Antonio J. Soave is a Kansas City-based entrepreneur, author, activist and lecturer. He is the founder and former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Law & Practice, and the founder and former Chairman of the Journal of International Business.

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