An update on MPNCanton

An update on MPNCanton

Where to even begin?

Our church is opening a new campus in Canton, GA in January, 2012. Click HERE to find out more.

After making church visits to familiarize ourselves with portable church, we pointed our attention toward our launch team and the community where we would be launching this new campus.

In September we hosted a picnic for our launch team and their friends and family.

In early October we joined with the city of Holly Springs, just 3 miles from Sequoyah High School (our new home), for their fall festival. That day we were able to give out close to 1000 invite cards with information about our Preview Services, talk to lots of people about the church, and give out 200+ bags of goodies to kids as we painted their faces and let them jump on some inflatables we brought.

October 9th we hosted our first Preview Service, and it was a great success. To be honest, I was afraid of the worst: we would lose a kid, accidentally burn down the school, or worse. But God was gracious, our volunteers were amazing, and it was a great day. We had 124 in attendance, including 3 brand new families. We loaded in, loaded out, and had a lot of fun in the process. The service went well, the band was amazing, and Pastor Mark and I talked vision and shared about God’s first portable church with the tabernacle and the children of Israel. After the dust settled we thanked God for a good day, and came up with a list of 92 things that we wanted to fix or do better before the next service. You can view some pictures of the day HERE.

November 6 was our 2nd Preview Service, and we took huge steps forward in almost every area. Our load in and setup was much faster and efficient. Our volunteers were again lights out in every area. We had 153 in attendance, including 15 brand new visitors and families…yeah God! Our tear down and load out was amazing and we beat our “out the door” time by 12 minutes. Have I mentioned how amazing our volunteers are? You can view some pictures of the day HERE.

We are starting 8 Life Groups, with some already meeting and the rest kicking off in the next few weeks.

We are plugging people into places of ministry to utilized their passions and giftedness and to serve the needs of the church and those God is entrusting to us.

We are actively looking for tangible ways to serve our new community.

It’s just been amazing so far.

December 11 provides us one more opportunity to meet together in this preview environment and iron out all the details and systems as best we can before January. We are expecting God to do amazing things!

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