B. Randall and Rhonda Parris

Randall and Rhonda Parris have over thirty years of successful ministry. They have two young adult children, Clay and Alysse, and one daughter-in-law, Stacy. Randall’s personal interests include family, college football, classic cars, and ice cream! Rhonda enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and reading. They both love teaching, equipping, coaching, and inspiring emerging Christian leaders.

Randall chose to conclude almost three decades of prolific ministry with the Church of God International Department of Youth and Discipleship to serve full-time as a 100% donor-funded missionary. As a kid, he raised offerings for missions. At 16, he spent a month in Asia on a STEP Mission Trip. That love for missions grew, exponentially his whole life and he has trained leaders and pastors from 30+ countries.  THIS sounds like something that you should be a part of!

The “Great Commandment” advises just two things: Love God. Love People.  THIS is what Randall and Rhonda want to do. (Matthew 28:19) God’s Word says, “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Because of their love for God and people, THIS is what the Parrises do.

Randall and Rhonda teach and train pastors, leaders, youth leaders, young ministers and young people. Randall serves as “Africa Youth Ministry Coordinator,” has an earned Doctor of Ministry degree, while Rhonda has two master’s degrees in counseling and education. Rhonda’s heart is also for prayer ministries and working with the disenfranchised. They preach and teach in conventions, hold crusades, and sponsor special projects. They must raise all their financial support…trusting the Lord at a whole new level.

Young adults need help preparing for ministry; pastors and leaders are hungry for training; young people need Jesus. The Parrises serve in Africa, but also Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe (everywhere they can make a difference). Randall hosted “Winterfest Africa” in Lusaka, Zambia.  This African Winterfest was a monumental ministry experience, and he plans to host more of these in other countries.

Randall and Rhonda feel nothing has been more Holy Spirit-led than their commitment to this new journey. They need your prayers and financial partnership. THIS is what you can do, give monthly online, give through your local church, call 1-800-535-9343 or, just “click” the button below.

Randall and Rhonda are trusting the Lord and trusting in you.  We can do so much together with you!

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