Be Inspired

As leaders we need to be inspired. We may be inspired by a vision, by a great leader, or by the success of others. Most of the time we are inspired by great men who have done great things. One of the marks of a charismatic leader is that he or she overcame great obstacles to achieve their success.

I am inspired by the pastor of a small church in North Dakota. Daniel and Sandi Bean have been serving the little Dunseith Church of God for about five years now. They are from Georgia, but they went to serve a little church with about a dozen worshippers. Recently they've had about 45 worshippers. They both made great sacrifices to go to a church that few people would even have considered going to. They have worked tirelessly among the Native Americans and have seen lives transformed and have witnessed great tragedy among the people they love and serve.

Recently they were attempting to build a new building, nothing opulent; in fact two Church of God churches from Alabama had committed about 40,000 dollars. Instead, the Methodist church building not far from the Dunseith Church of God was for sale. It was appraised for around 60,000 (which is a lot in that area), and Daniel and Sandi knew it was beyond the possibility for their small congregation to purchase. After some inquiry and a number of serendipitous connections with the realtor, an offer of $20,000 was made and accepted. The a group from the Church of God in Alabama agreed to purchase the building outright for the Dunseith Church of God.

God honors faithfulness. I am inspired by Daniel and Sandi Bean and hope that others will be as well.