Cheerleaders Needed

Cheerleaders Needed

Everybody really needs a cheerleader, probably just not the kind you are thinking about. I played (rode the bench) and watched a lot of sports growing up, in all the games I was a part of cheerleaders were there. They always seemed to believe in us, even though we knew it was memorized and practiced. I don’t remember them cheering, “You might fail, just don’t try it!” or even, “They might be better than you!” I never heard them say anything like this.

Why do I bring this up? I have realized lately that the world needs a lot more cheerleaders. We need to cheer on others and encourage them to take chances. I am around people every day who dream to do something else, but just feel scared or fearful about what may happen. I don’t really understand this concept. I do realize growing up, that I had a lot of cheerleaders who cheered me on. I rarely had someone tell me that I could not do something, until I became an adult.

It is tragic that we have this idea that the “world is our oyster” and then we graduate high school (college) beginning a decline into boredom and normalcy.

I know a lot of people who wish they could leave their career and try something new, but they are stuck because of the almighty dollar. That could be the only possible answer, call it security, retirement, or whatever it comes down to finances. We begin to live in bigger and bigger houses, drive nicer cars, and all the while the quality of our lives degrades into being disappointed with our lack of freedom.

I don’t want that life. So, if you dare, I am looking for some cheerleaders and looking to be a cheerleader for people to take a risk, love without repayment, encourage blindly, and to believe in someone else, especially those of us who are above 18.

Our life is not over yet, we have a lot more to show the world. My story, is just beginning…