Christ's law eld. R.G. Spurling CoG Evangel December 1, 1910…

Christ’s law
eld. R.G. Spurling
CoG Evangel December 1, 1910

The Apostolic chain we sure have found,
With which to link this world around;
In christian’s hearts the Iinks are found,
Where peace and love and joy abound
Then with the gospel open-ring,
‘1’0 make this glorious heavenly chain
Then hook them in those links of love
That wields with power from above
Before a council e’er was called
To frame a creed for Babylon’s wall;
The law of love the Church embraced;
No creeds of men could then be traced.
Think of what those councils done!
They broke the laws of God’s own Son,
And set the church on men made creed,
Ana then the dark age did.succeed.
o blessed be the gospel light,
That shines away Rome’s long dark
That brings to view God’s blessed law,
Beyond those heaps of wood and straw.
No half reforming’ will not do,
But press your way right straight
on through,
And for Christ’s blessed law contend,
And turn each foe into a friend.
This may be the last for all I know,
I am in the bed and very low.
For Jesus sake I pray take heed.
And build “The Church” that has no

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