Day 10/40

Day 10/40

  • “Money is only good if you really need something.” Larry Bird

Jill Leone, Bird’s agent, recalled Bird turning down $350,000 for an endorsement spot when he was with the Celtics.  He said, “If I miss my afternoon nap I won’t be rested enough to play my best.”

Larry Bird probably did not know it, but in the event that his agent recalled about Larry Bird, he was practicing “Sabbath living.” 

Sabbath living is having the courage to set limits, to finish things and experience rest that restores.

You may by saying to yourself, “Well, that was easy for Larry Bird, he made millions playing basketball.”  But for a Christian it should be even easier, for they are trusting in their Father God to withhold not one good thing from them (Psalm 84:11) but to provide, protect and promote them exceedingly and abundantly more than they could even think or ask (Ephesians 3:20).

Sabbath living is a lay up for people willing to trust God…are you willing to bet the rest of your life on it?  It’s call Sabbath living.