Day 4/40…

Day 4/40…

  • “If your life is a hard pill to swallow, swallowing good food and vitamins may be doing you no good.  Again, what you are eating is not nearly as important as what is eating you.”_ Ben Lerner, Body by God, pg. 231


It is amazing how ‘coincidences’ seem to happen more often when I am tracking with God.  For example, I read Ben Lerner’s book, “Body by God” months ago but just over the last few days I have begun to log the many quotations and principles that stood out to me in his book; just now as the forty-days are in process and I am in the “fasting mode.”

Today’s quotation is a good example of how timely my review of this book is. 

One of the side-benefits of changing our eating habits and lifestyle choices can be that we live a healthier lifestyle.  I assure you that that is a good thing and God is pleased in that.  Our body is the “earthsuit” that God gave us to live on this planet.  Without it we could not live here and the better the condition of our “earthsuit” that better we will be able to fulfill our God-ordained purpose here and to enjoy the wonderful creation that God prepared for us.

However, our season of prayer and fasting is about much more than just shedding a few pounds or making a few needed adjustments in our lifestyle.  40-days is about changing YOU; not just your body (earthsuit).  As Dr. Lerner put it, “What you are eating is not nearly as important as what is eating you.” 

Most weeks my wife writes a newsletter to her Sunday School class.  This week a she wrote:

  • A dear friend of mine sent the following to me this week and I want to share it with you:
  •  “I was studying fasting, and though I’m completely sold out on it, I had a nagging thought that it feels like jumping through hoops sometimes. Why can’t/won’t God just answer prayers, why must we fast also? He reminded me, how when a person is in love, we crave intimacy with our mate, we want them to look us in the eye, to really listen. We feel rejected or not important when they seem distracted (ex. watching TV, reading paper, etc.) So we sometimes give up.
  • If I feel that way, how must God feel? He must long for “eye contact” with me, for me to really listen to him. To lay down some things and give Him intimacy with me. This thought broke my heart and forced a “light bulb” moment. How can I expect miracles and supernatural breakthroughs when I’m only giving the Lover of my life little bits and pieces and when it’s convenient for me. This really brought it home for me.”
  • I couldn’t have said it better!  As I often say in class, marriage is a living parable of the relationship our spirits long to have with God.  And just as our natural man craves loving attention from our mate, our spiritual nature craves intimacy with its Creator.  A great way to give our Lord that attention is by fasting and prayer; making time to be with Him everyday.


As a side note: Don’t forget that tonight’s 40-days service starts at 6:00 p.m. and Communion will be served.

 Also, Christy Griffin is teaching a wonderful series on fasting during the 40-days season during our 10:00 a.m. Sunday School.  Ask any of our Greeters or Ushers about directions if you are interested.  Also, if you are currently involved in a Sunday School class and decide to check out Christy’s class, please let your Sunday School teacher know.  They love you and care about you and deserve the courtesy of being updated on your whereabouts. 

Christy's study guide for her 40-days series on fasting.

Blessings everyone, dlk