Dressed For Success

There is a childrens story titled "The Emperors New Wardrobe" that tells the story about an emperor who cared only for how he looked. He was a prideful man. One day he decided to walk in a parade to show off a new wardrobe that his tailors told him only a person of his stature could see. Even though he could not see them, his pride would not allow him to confess which caused him to parade around unclothed! How many are sitting in our churches and are spiritually undressed. We put on Christianity but never put on Christ. In essence we are unclothed. We find a story from Jesus in Matthew 22 about a great feast. When the King comes through the banquet hall he finds a man who doesn't have the right clothes and he is thrown out. I do not want to be found in this condition! If all I do is put on Christianity, then all I'm doing is putting on works and works don't save me. I must, you must, put on Jesus Christ. Putting all of our hope and trust in Him. Don't be to prideful today to confess your issues to Christ. Trust Him and He will cloth you......STEP Forward!