GA22 AGENDA: Virtual Church

XIX. Report/Announcement – Virtual Church

During a pandemic where health concerns forced “virtual” church services to become an option to regular in-person worship, many churches experienced great results and furthered their evangelistic outreach through different methods of virtually reaching their church members and other interested persons. Because of such great success with further opening the church house doors through electronic mediums, it is important that we continue to pursue every option to reach a global harvest as we seek to fulfill and FINISH the Great Commission. With ever-increasing technology expanding social and public
mediums of communications, a task force will be appointed to review the possibilities and challenges in potentially organizing and establishing virtual churches. Structural and organizational challenges will be identified and reviewed, with recommendations concerning governance and operations submitted to the International Executive Committee and International Executive Council for consideration. If necessary,
appropriate motion(s) will be made available to the 2024 International General Assembly.

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