Happy New Years! May Your Resolutions Be Achievable & Measurable

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re taking the time time to celebrate AND to look ahead into the next year. They say the typical resolution lasts only 4 days. I believe it.

One of the reasons is likely because people have resolved to arrive at a new outcome without resolving to take the specific steps to get there. So, stop now and put some specific actions with your resolutions.

EXAMPLE: Don’t plan to lose weight. Plan to cut calorie consumption to a specific amount (500 calorie daily deficit) while increasing calorie burn by a specific amount (500 calorie burn daily). That plan will help you to lose 2 lbs per week. It’s achievable and not mysterious.

So, what achievable specific resolutions are you making for 2011? Here are four of my personal development resolutions, which are achievable, measurable, and highly beneficial:

1. Bike 5,500 miles. I’ll do this by commuting to the office, exercise, group rides, and a bike ride from Key West to Pensacola.

2. Read through the Bible using a 365 day chronological reading plan.

3. Read through the New Testament as a family during daily devotions.

4. Read 52 books (theology, bios, marketing, pastoral, and a few classics).