He had the First and Final Word

This portrait of a spring sunrise behind my home was taken a few days ago on a chilly April morning. God’s artistry and painting skills never cease to amaze me. When I witness a scene like this, I am continually taken back to those first words in the Bible found in Genesis 1:1…”In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the earth.” I am indeed comforted by the simple fact that…He started it, and He and He alone will finish it. He had the first word…and He will have the final word.
A few hours before I witnessed this scene, at around 4:15 am, I awoke to a remarkable experience with the Lord. I heard in my spirit, and my clarity was fully alert, and completely
awakened,….some clearly worded phrases. They came one after another, and while they were so fresh and clear, I arose and wrote them down.
I feel God wants me to share these simple yet profound truths with you, my dear friends.

Here they are as they were given to me:
“I give you hope in order to cope.”
“I give you power to withstand the hour.”
“I give you grace regardless of the place.”
“I bring you healing through your kneeling.”
“I give you toughness in times of roughness.”
“I am to receive all glory from your life story.”
“Walk in my might, don’t trust in your sight.”
And finally, He said to me….
“ I am always here…you need never fear.”

When I was a very young man, I heard a seasoned old pastor, a true battle-scarred soldier of the cross, say, “The Almighty always has His purposes, son.”

For some reason, on a chilly spring morning, in the hills and ridges of North Georgia, the Almighty awakened me from a deep sleep, then spoke timeless truth to my spirit, had me write it down, and then at His time today prompted me to share it with you…later that morning, He then painted me a sunrise through green trees and hills….Our God is really something, isn’t He? “From everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.” Psalms 90:2

Dr. David M. Griffis