I saw an army tank on the Interstate today

Really it was a couple of days ago. But I really did see it. It was on a tractor-trailer. I was on the entrance ramp getting on the interstate, trying to think of all the stuff I needed to do that day, but when I saw the tank all I thought was whenI was a kid, my Dad would have sped up so I could see that. And I thought, I will too here in a few years. It was a pretty far out thought.

Then I started thinking about how I grew up loving military stuff, guns and tanks and planes. I still watch all kind of history channel stuff on them. I had as many books on firearms and military tactics as I had G.I. Joes. If I wasn't playing with army men, I was reading about them.

So the sight of the tank on the interstate prompted all the impending fatherhood thoughts. How will I, now commited to peacemaking as the way of Jesus, raise my child with regards to all? I am not sure what all that means. It is a whole new world.