If TRUMP of the LORD sound…

Let’s be sincere, if trumpet of the lord should sound this very moment where did you think you can spend eternity?

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15 thoughts on “If TRUMP of the LORD sound…

  1. Chineng Vaj says:

    Well, I know I will reign with our Lord Jesus Christ for a thousand years on the new earth, and then after that… I’m not sure. Looks like I need to do a little more studying!

  2. Martin Fell says:

    The only last days found in the Bible closed 2000 years ago in AD 70.

    After life ‘hell’ eternal conscious torment is a pagan myth found no where in the Bible. Jesus already saved all mankind 2000 years ago and one day everyone willingly agrees with that. The only place anyone goes after they die is the presence of perfect love for ever.

  3. John Prewett says:

    The problem – Nebuchadnezzar about to throw 3 boys into a furnace because they will not worship his idol.

    The preTribber solution – whisk the boys to heaven.

    God’s solution – let them be put in the furnace, protect them while they are IN the furnace and get in the furnace with them.

    The problem – Pharaoh’s army is about to massacre fleeing former slaves.

    The preTribber solution – whisk the former slaves to heaven.

    God’s solution – drown the army with the same water the former slaves just walked through.

    The problem – a king wants to put a man of God in a lions den.

    The preTribber solution – whisk the man of God to heaven
    God’s solution – Let the man of God be put in the lions den.
    Make the lions leave him alone. Then later the same lions kill others before the others even hit the floor.

    The problem – Evil jealous men want to crucify the Son of God.

    The preTribber solution – whisk Jesus to heaven.

    God’s solution – Let them crucify Jesus. Then bring Jesus back from the dead and make Him Lord of the universe.


  4. Magape Wa Bogopa says:

    I wish to say in heaven…. but I don’t know if there is a place prepared for me.
    Remember how Jesus answered the woman who asked that Jesus sits her her two sons one on His left and the other on the right.

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