“”Is Jesus the Only Way? The answer to this question…

“”Is Jesus the Only Way?
The answer to this question is perhaps one of the most important questions we can ask ever in our lives.
“Is Jesus the only way?”
The Apostles got in trouble as they began to bring the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire in Asia Minor and into Europe.
Why? It wasn’t because they proclaimed Jesus as God. It was primarily because they proclaimed Him as the ONLY God. If they proclaimed Jesus as just “a” god, the crowds would not have been enticed to riot in Ephesus.
In Acts 19, so many people were turning to Christ, but in that process, they destroyed all the idols and ceased buying from the idol makers, fortune tellers, etc.
Why? Because they realized all those idols were false and had no power or value. The Gospel was literally running the occult businesses out of business by removing their customers and the demand for their goods and services. Take note: when you preach the true Gospel and people repent, those who make money doing evil deeds will come after you and draw in as many as they can with them to take you out.
Imagine the bars and sex clubs and drug/sex trafficking coming to a stop because the demand for those ‘services’ ceased. That’s what happens when the Gospel is preached and received on a wide scale. ..
Now I am going to open up a can of worms that I am certain will get some very difficult reactions. But I ask those who will give that reaction to hear out the argument BEFORE you react. Respond to that. ..””

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