Looking so much to celebrate Resurrection Sunday on April 12….

Looking so much to celebrate Resurrection Sunday on April 12. Remember that Jesus was 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb after His crucification, so don’t be fooled by Good Friday as that would not allow for the 3 days and night. He was crucified on Wednesday and had to be taken off the cross before Wednesday after sundown because that evening was the Jewish High Sabbath and no work could be done at that time. Also, that became the Jewish day Thursday (our Wednesday evening and Thursday till sundown) as there days began on sundown (day 1), Friday #2 (our Thursday evening and Friday till sundown), Saturday #3 (our Friday evening thru Saturday till sundown), Then on the 1st day of the week after the weekly sabbath on Sunday He arose. That is the real account of the death and resurrection with regards to the 3-days and nights being accurately accounted for. It also coincides with the feasts of the Lord. This celebration has nothing to do with bunnies and eggs, which have pagan origins, however if you celebrate using these pagan symbols I hope that somehow you make it relative to Jesus Christ and what He is doing and has done.

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