More rededications in New Orleans

The work in New Orleans continues as we remain focused on rebuilding lives, churches and ministries. Most of our churhces are now back to operational status in New Orleans and we are thankful. In addition, new ministry opportunities continue to present themselves. We know God is helping the Church of God to make a difference in New Orleans.

There is great momentum going on in the city and we are thankful for God's help in bringing some closure in these buildings. We rededicated the Amazing Grace church in Arabi with Pastor Ricky & Stacy Hager on Thursday night 12/7/06. This church has great potential in the St. Bernard parish community.

On Friday, 12/08/07, we dedicated the building for St. Paul Church of God in Christ with Pastor Ernest and Ernie Mae Dison. It was a grand evening. The building was rebuilt with the partnership of God's Pit Crew and Randy Johnson.