MVP in the Making

Last night we scurried down to the baseball park to watch my son play his first game of the season. Not only was this Luke's first seasonal game, but it was also his first game ever playing. Was I nervous? Of course! but, I sat there calmly while my wife cheeredc every player on like they were her children(even the other team).
the first two times Luke went to bat, he struck out. now, that was discouraging to such a proud dad. but, when I saw many of the veteran players fall prey to the rifling arm of the Astros' pitcher, I felt like he was fitting right in where he needed to be.
By the end of the sixth inning, we (the Cubs) were up 10-0. The morale of the team was soaring. then, Luke came up to bat again. this time, he cracked one for a single. My wife was bouncing up and down shaking every inch of the bleachers . She give out a screeching yell, "that my baby." admittedly, I was pretty proud myself. finally, I calmed her down enough that I could focus on the game again.
So, by the end of the 7th inning(the last inning in jr. baseball), the Astros finally scored one point, which give us a 10-1 victory. I am looking forward to another game this week. I'll have my Cubs hat on and cheering my "baby boy" on. Who knows, one day he might be the MVP!