Neil’s Notes 2008-11-06 21:49:00

Mentors and Mentoring
Recently I was honored to be asked to serve on the Personal Board of Directors of a pastor and friend, a young minister that I have known for several years who felt the need to involve other ministers in a mentoring process in his life. Throughout the years I have been blessed to have the advice, the input, and the mentoring of several awesome men and women in my life, some of them continue until this day to speak into my life, while others are not as dominate in my life as they once were. As I age I have come to realize two simple truths: 1) I will always need mentors, people who speak into my life, give advise and direction, that listen to me, and who regardless of the circumstances love me enough to tell me what I need to hear...even if it hurts! 2) I need to always be mentoring someone, the things God has deposited into my life, the things we have experienced and gone through are not just for me, they are to equip, instruct, provide, and protect a future generation. Years ago I heard the story of a man who was crossing through a grave yard late at night, in the midst of the darkness he heard a twig crack, slowly he turned only to see his young son following after him...The little boy looked and said, "Daddy, I'm following right in your twacks!" I think the truth is there is someone following us, the question is what are we giving them to follow?