Neil’s Notes 2009-01-09 17:57:00

In A Perfect World
In a perfect world the weather would always be 78 degrees with a slight breeze that never messes up your hair. In a perfect world you would always get a strike when bowling, especially when playing Wii. In a perfect world our children would never get sick, our families would never split, our finances would always be sufficient, and our prayers would always be answered exactly the way we prayed a perfect world. In a perfect world political decisions would make everyone happy, the president would be everyone's choice, and Washington would be the answer to the world's a perfect world. In a perfect world churches would be full every time the doors are opened, the music would be just right, and every service all the sinners would be saved, every body would be healed, every need would be met, and things would be just a perfect world!
But our world isn't it? Our flesh fails, finances fall, bodies hurt, marriages struggle, our children get sick, and life is often difficult and unkind. There are moments when we struggle and wonder if God even knows where we live and if He listens and why He doesn't seem to be answering and beyond that, why does He answer the way that He does and why doesn't He answer sooner. In the Book of John there's a story of Lazarus who was sick, his sisters sent for Jesus, but Jesus delayed His arrival saying that this sickness was not unto death but for the glory of God. When He arrived Lazarus had died, his sisters were distrought, and their response was that if Jesus had been there earlier their brother would not have died...sound familiar?
The response of Jesus amazes me, He didn't argue with them, didn't go into some deep theological discourse with them, He simply walked to the front of the grave and called for Lazarus to come forth from the grave.
That's the power of the imperfect world with a perfect Christ, He doesn't get worked up, doesn't allow our failures or frailties to upset Him, He simply steps into the center of the situation and speaks what needs to be heard. He speaks to the situation, never allowing the situation to overwhelm Him, nor does He allow Satan to sidestep Him...he knows what is in the heart of men, is aware of the schemes of the evil one, and is able to discern what needs to be done and He does it!
So while our world isn't perfect, our Savior is and He is working on our behalf, perfecting us and our lives, bringing us into His perfect plan...pretty cool isn't it?
Just Thinking Out Loud!