Neil’s Notes 2009-01-18 15:15:00

New Blog Direction
It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting in my office getting ready for our morning service, classes are taking place, ministry is being done, and I am believing God for new things in our lives. I've also decided that I want to take my blog in a new direction, rather than just posting randomly, or just sharing some useless tidbit of stupid information, I want to discuss thoughts, leadership principles and spiritual concepts...ok, I'll still throw in a couple studpid thoughts here and there.
Perhaps it's the new journey I'm on and the new place I'm living, but I am convinced that if we will create the proper structure and environment that awesome things can take place in the Body of Christ. This is a different time in our world, people are struggling, unsure of their financial future, but we are a part of the Kingdom of God, a government whose increase will not fail, whose leader knows exactly where we're going and we will overcome!
God make us bold as lions, willing to roar in faith, make us compassionate, listening with our hearts and not our ears, harmless as doves, wise as serpents, and help us to lead others into the victorious Kingdom life!