Neil’s Notes 2009-03-25 14:20:00

More Than A Feeling
Following Christ is more than feeling, more than an exciting time at church, more than feeling better when you say amen, more than having chills, thrills, and spiritual spills. Following Christ is more than having our names on a roll and even knowing that we're going to heaven, following Christ is more than doing spiritual things, it is more than what we say, it is more than what we do. Following Christ is not just an event, it is a journey, a relationship, it is a process, it is purposeful, productive, provocative, it is a life filled with problems, promises, people, and potential..but it's definitely more than a feeling! In the past few weeks I have been processing some things, walking in new places, developing new relationships and learning to leave where I've been so I can get where I'm going, I must admit it hasn't been the easiest process I've been through. This isn't the first time I've done this, but it has been the most difficult and I've learned some things about God and myself. There are gray days, mornings when the sun doesn't shine, the phone doesn't ring, and God is silent, moments when I am complacent without meaning to be, days when my feeler doesn't feel anything, but my knower knows that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, and that I will do exactly what God intends, it just takes time for me to get there. Perhaps it's an age thing with me, I consider myself a passionate, progressive, aggressive person, rock solid on my convictions, my dreams, only I will choose the hill I die on, and I will fight to the death or at least the disablement for those things I know are right...but as I age I'm not so interested in the 100 yard dash, I'm looking toward the 5K, hoping to create and develop things that last, something that will leave a I'm learning to push past the pain, the lack of feeling at times, and move in faith toward the things and places I know we're supposed to go. Just thinking out loud!