Last night was Women's Emphasis Night of our four night prayer revival. My wife took charge of the service and did an outstanding job in her presentation of the real and uncut story of Mary and Martha. Mary somehow always found herself at the feet of Jesus--a good place to be. Martha always seemed to be busy.
"Busy" is the battle cry of our generation. We're too busy to pray, too busy to witness, too busy to undertake responsibility of ministry, too busy to be about the "Father's business." Carol borrowed an excerpt from a Chinese native missionary whose ministry blessed us. He defined busy as:
After her presentation of the Word, each person was encouraged to come to the front and receive communion, but it was to be a personal rather that group time of communion. I remember as I knelt in a quiet part of the sanctuary, how unworthy I felt to be in communion with my redeemer.
The word "somehow" became part of my prayer last night.

Even though I become stubborn and insist on my own way, somehow, Lord, You firmly but lovingly check my steps.
Even though I become angry when things don't go my way, Lord, somehow You calm my heart and help me to not be so childish.
Even though I become discouraged and feel like quitting, Lord, somehow You find me under my juniper bush and ask, "What are you doing here?"
Even though I often fail You in my own willfulness, Lord, somehow You stop me in my tracks and direct me back to the journey of faith.

That "somehow" is His mercy. I don't understand how He loves me as He does. But I thank God for the "somehow" of His grace. I think communion took a little longer for me than it usually does. I wanted to savor every crumb, every drop, every moment spent with the Lord.

It was the best meal I'd had in a long time.