Sukkot Video made for the praise honor and glory of…

Sukkot Video made for the praise honor and glory of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. Amightywind made this video because so many people think we are saying not to hono…

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48 thoughts on “Sukkot Video made for the praise honor and glory of…

  1. Lori Talbert says:

    Crazy! Isn’t it time to start attacking us for New Year celebrations instead? After all, the Gregorian calendar is pagan and people getting drunk, sexual promiscuity with being forced to kiss, etc. OH, that’s right… Christ isn’t involved in that holiday! No point attacking if it doesn’t involve Christ, right?!

  2. Michelle Adams says:

    It is true. Christ the Lord was born on Tishri 15 ( the Feast of Tabernacles) which was in the Fall of the year and not December 25 in the winter. If you count none months backwards from Tishri 15, it will be the month of December. So, it was in the month of Deceber that the Angel Gabriel brought Mary, the mother of Christ Jesus, the saluation and when she was overshadowed by the Spirit of the Highest (YAHWEH) and conceived the WORD MADE FLESH. Amen.

  3. Tartracheon Greenies says:


  4. William Gibney says:

    if God wanted his son’s birthday to be celebrared he would have said it in his word, but as we all know that did not happen the date of his birth is not in scripture so what does that tell us,it tells us that he does not want us to celebrate his birth for if he did he would have told us in his word, im sure many of us know how christmas started but i dont want to go there,just think for a moment all the money that is spent every year on food presents for each other decorations trees and many toys and not forgetting the cards we send to each other, all these materialized things add up to billions every year, all that money could help the very needy in the world and im sure God would be pleased if people did this, when the so called christmas is celebrated its more for people than it is for God, then we have the songs like jesus was born on christmas day no he was not born on christmas day because that was only invented after he was born, its pass time people wake up and snap out of their dream world.

  5. Barbara Mcgaha says:

    You have posted almost word for word a post I made yesterday. These sites are messengers for Satan spreading lies and confusion.

    Prov. 3 Verses 5 to 6
    [5] Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

  6. Rev-Emmanuel Oworae says:

    The most important thing we should be thinking now is to have a Repentance mind and search for his salvation God have mercy on us all and God bless us all Amen

  7. Greg Liebig Sr. says:



  8. Stephen Joiner says:

    I have just joined this group and I am greatly disappointed with reading this first post I have seen. SOME of the comments are full of hate, false teaching, venom, and just crazy. FIRST, we ALL know that December 25 is NOT Jesus birthday. At the same time Easter or REsurrection Sunday is NOT the exact time that Jeus was crucified. Why? Because it changes on the calendar every year as the Jews go by the lunar month. The exact day is not important but it is A DAY we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Also, do not get hung up on what to call Jesus by using Yahushua. He is also called Lord, Savior, Emmanual,the Most High, King of Kings, Christ, but we all know who we are talking about. One more thing, stop calling people DEMONIC because you do not agree with their post. The world is going to HELL and Christians at nit picking everything. How about rejoicing on the simple message that JESUS SAVES and HE IS COMING SOON!

  9. Pieter Wessels says:

    Not about his “crucifixion”, death, not even rising from the dead. All these were part of HIS job and has NOTHING to do with us, it’s a given.

    What DOES matter is his baptism by the spirit of the Father, but you won’t learn ANYTHING of this in Christianity…

  10. Condreth Ruthenberg says:

    that is basing upon the season that was being mentioned in the history of when jesus was born. we celbrate christmas in 25th which is likely summer. alady here in southeast asia. but in Betlehem, it is not. it is probably winter there now.. i dont know.

  11. Grady Henley says:

    I did not really want to go into detail to support my opinion why Jesus was born in the month of September. I don’t mean this as a criticism in any way, but I assumed we all went to seminary. I do admit some seminaries are really cemeteries that in fact offer no value to training true men of God.

    Here is the way I draw the opinion I have in a quick out line:
    1.) The book of Luke states that Zacharias was indeed the father of John the Baptist. (Luke 1:5-13)
    1. He received the prophecy concerning the birth of his son in these scriptures.
    2.) Zacharias was doing his Priestly duties in his office when this time which is considered his “term of duty.”
    2. These courses were set up for two weeks each. (1 Chronicles 23:27; 24:1-10)
    3.) Therefore 2 weeks 2 priests= 2 courses of term of duty for each one month.
    3. 24 courses/2courses= 12 months assigned.
    4.) In the King James Version the names in the greek scriptures: (The NT), were not written into their Hebrew names of the OT:
    4. Elias=Elijah (Matthew 11:14; 16:14)
    5. Esaias= Isaiah (Matthew 3:3; 4:14)
    6. Jonas=Jonah (Mat. 12:39-41; 16:4)
    7. Jeremias=Jeremiah (Matthew 16:14)
    8. Abia= Abijah (Matthew 1:7; Luke 1:5)
    5.) Abia was a variant for the name of Abijah which literally means: “Jehovah is Father.” 24 courses all together which Zacharias course was Abia (Luke 1:5)
    6.) Remeber in 1 Chronicles 24:10 King David set up the priest’s offices and Abijah, (Abia in the NT), was assigned the 8th course.

    Here is further proof by the listing of the 24 priestly courses by months:
    1. Jehoiarb: 2nd half of March-1st part of April
    2. Jedaiah: 1st part of April-2nd half of April
    3. Harim: 2nd half of April-1st part of May
    4. Seorim: 1st part of May-2nd half of May
    5. Malchjah: 2nd half of May-1st part of June
    6. Mijamin: 1st part of June-2nd part of June
    7. Hakkoz: 2nd part of June-1st part of July
    8. Abijah: 1st part of July-2nd part of July
    9. Jeshua: 2nd part of July-1st part of August
    10. Shecaniah: 1st part of August-2nd part of August
    11. Eliashib: 2nd part of August-1st part of September
    12. Jakim: 1st part of September-2nd part of September
    13. Huppah: 2nd part of September-1st part of October
    14. Jeshebeab: 1st part of October-2nd part of October
    15. Bilgah: 2nd part of October-1st part of November
    16. Immer: 1st part of November-2nd part of November
    17. Hezir: 2nd part of November-1st part of December
    18. Happizzez: 1st part of December-2nd part of December
    19. Pethahiah: 2nd part of December-1st part of January
    20. Jehezkel: 1st part of January-2nd part of January
    21. Jachin: 2nd part of January-1st part of February
    22. Gamul: 1st part of Febuary-2nd part of February
    23. Delaiah: 2nd part of February-1st part of March
    24. Maaziah: 1st part of March-2nd part of March

    Now remember that During the Time of Zacharias the first month of the year was not January but in fact March.

    Zacharias learned of his wife, Elisbeth’s pregnancy during the first part of July. This information helps us calculate the birth of John the Baptist. This was during the priestly course of Jeroriab which was during the 2nd part of March to the 1st part of April.

    Into six months of Elisabeth’s pregnancy (Luke 1:26), the Angel Gabriel announces to Mary the conception of Almighty God’s human body in her womb by God the Holy Spirit during the priestly course of Pethahiah which was in fact during the 2nd part of December.

    This means Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ during the priestly course of Jakim the priestly course during the time of the 1ST PART OF SEPTEMBER TO THE 2ND PART OF SEPTEMBER.
    The bottom line is to me: That we must honor Jesus Death above all else (Ecc. 7:1; Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:24-25)

    Brethren, I urge you all in the name of Jesus to study the whole counsel of His word before basing your own views on a subject. I say this in all humility because I myself must always yield to the Holy Spirit where He can lead me into the real truth.
    Rev. Dane Eidson

  12. Stephen FY Teng says:

    >>>Believers are supposed to be as wise as a serpent & as meek as a dove, ok ? So, why simply quibble over the origin or even the meaning of Christmas? In fact Christmas = Christ for the salvation of the mass of humans. Also, why can’t we simply capitalise on this holiday season to make known the virgin birth of our Saviour & broadcast God’s plan of salvation to the unsaved world ? So, be active as watchman in God’s Lighthouse, ok ? Otherwise, if sinners die in their sins without this knowledge or warning, their blood will surely be upon the watchman, right ?

  13. Christine Johns says:

    So what ? He wasnt born on 25 December, Christmass is to remember and honor Jesus come into this world , died and raised himself to heaven, its not all about birthday

  14. Josey Miller says:

    many christians understand that, but whole world cekebrating His birthday is power and amazing. Some may focus on material thing or other gods, but in our hearts, we are joyful that Jesus, oyr Messiah , come into being to rescue us

  15. Lorna Taitano says:

    Spring or Sept….. The 25th of Dec. is when the Star shone two years after Jesus was born and wise men visited him. Watch “The Bethlehem Star” video on you tube. for facts.

  16. Monica Bennett-Ryan says:

    The Queens birthday celebration is not held on her birthday. The remembrance of the landing of Captain Cook in Australia is not held on the day he landed. It is normal for an historical figure or event to be remembered on a day which is convenient to all. Over 4 billion people on the planet are happy to Celebrate Christmas on the 25th Dec. Just get with the program and stop trying to cause trouble.

  17. Ryo Yusak says:

    The date is not important..the most important is you hv received and obey Jesus your salvation and follow His words and do what God wants you shoulddo for His kingdom

  18. Teboho Mohale says:

    Let’s remember one great thing, John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will be saved, notice not in His day of birth which has been ingeniously changed to 25th December that has pagan origins. Daniel 7:25 speaks of the beast who changed festivals appointed by God, and that is pope Gregory and the Catholic Church. This calls for wisdom, check out this link

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