WHO is the BEAST of Revelation?

WHO is the BEAST of Revelation?

Wayne Scott No Bible writer ever called the Beast of Revelation “the antichrist.”  You are right in saying that the word “antichrist” appears only in I and II John.  But there it is clearly described as a false belief system consisting of teachers and doctrines which had already arrived at the time of the writing.  There is no mention of an anything yet to come antichrist.I... »


An Explanation The ANTICHRIST, 666, MARK OF THE BEAST, RAPTURE The book of revelation is an epistle that must be subjected to interpretation by other epistles because it involves symbols that needs to be decoded. Apostle John was imprisoned and wrote the book to persecuted churches. The figures of speeches are so because straightforward language could never escape the notice of the authorities as ... »

Perry Stone – Bloodline of the Beast

During a special night of prophetic teaching at OCI, Perry taught this remarkable and interesting prophetic message, giving the listener detailed information on the kingdom of the Antichrist as revealed in the combined books of Daniel and Revelation. He masterfully placed the symbolism together and painted a clear picture, which was understood even by those […] »

Dr. George Voorhis: Number, Name and Mark of the Beast

080116-1900-Dr. George Voorhis – Questions and Answers Session 3 2008-01-16-1900 Dr. George Voorhis talks this evening January 16th, 2008 in the 7:00 evening service. He answers questions from the congregation  about the Bible and doctrine.Notes: – Is being slain in the spirit biblical? – Who is Melchizedeck? – Rev. 9:6-people pray to die and cannot die, tribulation, locust... »

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