Pope Francis: Religion Must UNITE

Pope Francis visited the island of Sri Lanka this week, and he is taking his message of peace and tolerance with him to the war-torn country. During the Pope’s visit, he focused on peacemaking and unification rather than criticizing the various factions with the nation. With this goal in mind, Pope Francis addressed a multi-faith coalition on Tuesday. “For too many years the men and women of this ... »

#POPE Francis is the 266th pope who will be meeting…

#POPE Francis is the 266th pope who will be meeting with President Obama on the 266th day of the year John Ruffle »

Pope Francis Shows His True Colors

Pope Francis Shows His True Colors


Kenneth Copelands Response to Request by Pope Francis

Recently, I received a message from Pope Francis in which he asked that, as a ministry and part of the Body of Christian believers, we pray for him. In 1 Timothy 2:2, the Bible teaches that we are to pray for all that are in authority. It is scriptural that we do so. And, therefore, it is our duty to honor the Popes request and, as a Body of believers, join our faith with his by coming together in... »