Resoluting Prophetic Awareness on the Political and Social Role of the Church Today

Resoluting Prophetic Awareness on the Political and Social Role of the Church Today

1992 Church of God Resolution on POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT WHEREAS the Church of God as a member of the National Association of Evangelicals has endorsed and agreed to support “Christian Citizenship Campaign” (CCC); and WHEREAS the two main objectives of the NAE resolution are to encourage Christians to pray for their leaders and to exercise their liberties to register and vote as a part of the democr... »

5 Tips for Making Friends with Atheists

I can’t believe this post needs to be written, but it does. Too many Christians seem to feel a freedom to treat atheists (or others with whom they disagree) with condescension. It’s couched in “truth in love” language, of course, but it only serves to reinforce negativity. So I’m going to reveal the age-old mystery on how […] The post 5 Tips for Makin... »

Tearing Down the “Christian Marriage” Idol

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that a number of my tweets are the simply the documentation of the terrible (yet funny) things my wife says or humorous little (sarcastic) reflections on life together. Tweets like: “Why don’t you write a post entitled, ‘5 Reasons I Can Never Find My Keys or My Wallet and I Need […] The post Tearing Down th... »

15 political questions in 2015

1. Can Hillary change? 2. Who emerges as the left’s Hillary alternative? 3. How far will Hillary distance herself from Obama? 4. Does Jeb scare anyone off from running? 5. What is Rand’s ceiling? 6. Can Christie get his outbursts under control? 7. Will the Republican play to limit presidential debates work? 8. Does the Supreme Court invalidate the Obamacare subsidies? 9. Will Boehner’s life be eas... »