The church needs prophetic voices…

AGREED with Jayson D. Bradley The church needs prophetic voices
Despite glaring problems with Israel’s religious expression and exclusive behavior, Jesus started his reformation from within Judaism. In fact, that’s what got him crucified.
If I really want to identify with Jesus (and the prophets), I’ll continue to love the church from within while I push, cajole, and shout her into christlikeness. It would be much easier to leave.
Every voice that has called for reform (even the ones we celebrate now) experienced pushback, threats, and misunderstanding. Why would someone intentionally sign up for exclusion and loneliness?
There’s nothing more Christlike than challenging the church to be more sincere and full of grace and truth—even when you’re being crucified. If the church is going to continue reforming, it will be because of the ones who stay—and not the ones who leave.
The prophet is often an unwelcome and lonely voice, but it’s an increasingly important one.

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