The Church of God in great Britian is voluntarily segregated….

The Church of God in great Britian is voluntarily segregated. When the Caribbeans migrated they desired to worship as a immigrant group within the predominatly white British people.
They are Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee however they go by the title New Testatment Church of God with ties to the Caribbean Church of God.
This was true when we went there with the Lee College summer witness team. I don’t know how much it has changed. There were very few British who were affiliated with the New Testament Church of God.

My question: are the colored congregations and the Spanish congregations in the USA voluntarily sub-denominated?

There are multitudes of cultural/ethnic groups in the USA. Are they voluntarily denominated?

USA seeks to lawfully obliterate any type of involuntary segregation.

What are your thoughts? -thanks to Cathryne Blocker for bringing this up in her comment.

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