The Leader As Facilitator

Okay, I did it. I'm up with the times. I've downloaded a video blog on the topic of the leader as the facilitator. As someone who has both served as a staff member and now as a senior pastor, I believe that I have insight from both sides of the coin. The keys I've identified are:

  1. Recognize the strengths/gifts of those around you.
  2. Plug them in to a ministry/function about which they are passionate and which compliments their strengths.
  3. Trust them. Do not micro-manage.
  4. Praise them for their commitment, for their diligence, and for the outstanding job they do.
  5. If they need help, let them know that it's perfectly alright to ask, and then invest yourself into them, providing the leadership, training, or guidance that they need. If you don't have the expertise, then find someone who does and let your staff seek training from them, or from an organization that can be of benefit.
  6. Provide constructive feedback. Highlight the good things before addressing areas where improvement is needed. Never be condescending, but always assume a coaching/mentoring relationship and be willing for others to give you honest feedback about your performance as well.
  7. Be willing to let them get the credit for successes. Do not hog the spotlight, but always be willing to highlight the achievements/accomplishments of others.