The Necessities



“And the officers commanded them [the Israelites]: When you see the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord your God carried by Levitical priests. you must break camp and follow it.“ - Joshua 3:3

I find this passage of Scripture so fascinating. Think about it…. At this time, the Israelites had been following the leading of God through Moses ever since they left Egypt. Moses is the man to them. Moses is the go to guy if you want something done, but now, Moses is dead and their new leader is Joshua. I imagine that the Israelites were at a place of confusion as well as a place of discontentment. So, what do the Israelites do now since their fearless leader is dead? The Israelites, I’m sure, were lost in themselves.

They needed a leader to step up and take charge. Yes, here comes Joshua to the rescue! But, in my opinion, I don’t think they needed Joshua. They needed God. We needed God. We still need God. 

That is why I think when the commanders tell the Israelites “you must break camp and follow the Ark of the Covenant“, they mean that it’s necessary to follow after God! 

Last week, Hurricane Sandy came through where we lived. Before it hit, people were going to the stores to buy bread, milk, eggs, etc. Then Lindsey looked at me as we were driving to the store and said, “what do we need?” In my own world, I began to say, “well, I need deodorant, shampoo, snacks for works, cokes.” She then looked at me and said, “Stewart, we need the necessities!” In life, we tend to go for the best stuff: best car, best house, best clothes, best shoes, best basketball shoes for our kids, etc., but what I think God is wanting to point out to His people today is: what are the necessities? It is necessary that we follow God in a time such as this. It is necessary for the Church to wake up! It is necessary for America to repent and turn to God! IT IS NECESSARY TO FOLLOW GOD! He is all we need. He should be all that we want. He alone is worthy! And He alone is what we need to survive in this world today!

What is the necessities for you today? Remember what Jesus warned us in Matthew 7:24-27 that the rain will come, but the only way to stand is to build on The Rock! Is your foundation in the government? Worldly possessions? Yourself? Turn the necessary God who longs for your worship. He will not fail you!