The Police and Other Arresting Developments

So, as many of you may already know, Kim and I saw the police while on vacation in Louisville. Ever since we had driven through Louisville on our way to the Assembly last year we thought it would be a nice town to hang out in. So we picked a date solely because it was the last open weekend for us before Kim started back to school. We were planning a very low-key type of vacation, with only a few things on the agenda. We spent a night in Lexington, Ky and had a great time. We spent the morning at the Kentucky Horse Park (where the Man'O'War statue is) and then headed on down to Louisville (technically up to). We enjoyed the evening there and the next morning we sat around trying to figure out what to do for the day. So we googled some museums and then thought to go check out Churchill Downs. They were actually closed as far as horses go but another event was scheduled for that night.

I didn't even know the reunion tour went to Louisville, let alone that it was that evening!. I also was astonished that tickets were still available. So we got some tickets, and saw the Police in concert. It was incredible. As much as I have been a Sting fan, and as good as he was that evening, Andy Summers was the highlight of the night. His playing was awesome, really special. The whole band played tight, and it was a great night of music. It really was great.

The night before the concert, before we knew that the police were in town, or that a race course was being converted for a concert, we arrived in Louisville in the early afternoon. We checked into our hotel and figured to visit some landmarks of my personal history. My family lived in Louisville from 1985-91, or somewhere around there. So I took Kim to show her the church Dad pastored, the house we lived in, and the schools I attended. I had not been back to Louisville in over 15 years. It was a hard time in our family's history, and something we might have talked about in fht family, but not too often.

I had not thought about the affect this little tour would have on me. I had assumed half the buildings of my past in Louisville would simply not be there now. Theay all were. The church was still there. The high school I had attended was still there, though it has been converted into apartments. It is hard to put into words how this evening felt. It still is. I had faced this part of my past in a long time, and it was a hard evening. But it was a good evening too.