Thinking about numbers: along about the time the CoG was…

Thinking about numbers: along about the time the CoG was getting started the population of the U.S. was 76 million and if I read the numbers right the CoG now has 1 million members here in the states but now the country has 223 million which means that while the church was building toward 1 million the country grew by 141 million.
This is in no way critical of the church because I know many people who have worked extremely hard to get the church where it is today. Many a car has been wore out by state A B’s and others criss crossing the state and the country tending to the work of the church.
So the question is; is there a better and more efficient way to reach the masses? Are there some hindrances built into the system that slows up the process? It was said of Jesus that ” the common people heard him gladly. ”
Can it be said that of the 34 CoG’s in Bradley county,Tn. that the common people hear them gladly?Just letting numbers sharpen our thinking!

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