Tithe vs General Fund

I consider my support to the local church as gifts to support the work of the Lord. I have mentioned here and on the old forum that since I have been in or around the COG all my life, I know many of the southern COG ministers. Several have become Overseers and worked in COG & Missions admin. I do know many jobs that were created (evidently) for men who needed income until a 'slot' was found. I have no problem with some sort of unemployment for those, but NOT a self supporting job. Most ministers can visit and preach at other churches for supplemental income and do. Anyway a year of so back I started sending our offerings, gifts and tithe into our church general fund & Missions. I never mentioned my reasoning to the pastor of clerk and neither have mentioned or complained to me. My wife has always preferred 20% or more to the church and missions. I have no problem with that, as long as I see it used to benefit His Kingdom.

How do you feel about the General Fund vs Tithe title?

AT first my girl was upset because I did not use the term TITHE, my explaination was WE KNOW and HE knows we pay our tithe.

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