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24 thoughts on “Wars. Famines. Drought. Hunger. E t c are signs to…

  1. Dom Stephen Stampoe says:

    no. they always existed. The rate of people who sare starving is low as never before. Average wealth is rising. And there are less wars than ever before in history.

  2. Daryl Hamsher says:

    According to Jesus the end is not yet. He says this to discourage exactly what is happening. People using these things to point to the end. If you want to know where we are prophetically look to Israel.

  3. Bas van den Heuvel says:

    Well since many people share Bible verses considering the end times.
    Now read one you never hear but is actually most accurately foretelling when Jesus coming somewhere will be, no not exactly. But it’s super interesting.
    Read Genesis 15:13 and 16
    And think about these simple sums
    Israël as a state 70 years
    We are very close..

  4. Karen Craig says:

    This is true but what people don’t realize is how bad it is going to get the trumpets have ended the seals are being broke open and it is going to be horrific may God bless everyone everywhere because this year we’re going to need it

  5. Russ Stearns says:

    Don’t you people realize that a world war is coming that will kill close to 2 BILLION people ( 1/4 of mankind ) even BEFORE things really get bad?? people claiming that the seals have been broken or that we are already in the great Tribulation are living in La La land! By the way, it’s 3.5 years or 42 months or 1260 days, not 7 years. Where does it ever say 7 years anyway?? Nowhere! “A time of trouble such as NEVER WAS since there was a nation even to that time” !! That means far worse than WWII which was Horrific and devastating! Snap out of it and “Pray always that you may be counted WORTHY to escape all of these things and to stand before the son of Man” Also, he does not need to remove anyone from earth in order to protect us. In fact, Jesus actually says in his Prayer to the Father that he is NOT praying that the father should “Take them out of the world, BUT PROTECT THEM from the evil one” John 17:15. All of this speculation and proud certainty of so many people that they alone understand the scriptures is heartbreaking! These things are written in plain terms! just like the 144,000 are NOT JEWS!! they are just as the scriptures state clearly..12,000 from EACH TRIBE OF ISRAEL!! Only 2 tribes make up the “Jews” So, who is the “House of Israel” because it ain’t the “Jews”… they are the “House of JUDAH” Please consider that because it makes a monumental difference in understanding the prophecies of the Bible. There have been 2 “Houses” of Israel ever since the Kingdom was “Rent in two” By God himself because of the sins of Solomon, and absolutely not rejoined yet. So..who are the NATIONS of Israel who were to receive the Birthright blessings of the firstborn? See Genesis chapters 48-49 for a description of their varied national characters!

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