Wednesday Night Wrap-Up

Wednesday Night Wrap-Up

So I know that it's been a while since I've done one of these Wednesday Night Wrap-Up's...but I thought that I'd do one this week because the truth is that we've been having some phenomenal services, and God has been moving in the lives of our students in a powerful way. This past Wednesday we wrapped up our current series called YouPick, where the students actually had the opportunity to pick the series. I got the basic idea for this series from somebody else, however, after I reformatted it a bit to better fit the needs of our group, it ended up working exceptionally well for our students. In fact, I was super proud of our students and how serious that they took the task of picking the topics...the topics that they chose for me to speak on and address included;

  • How Do I Pray & How Do I Know That He Hears My Prayers?
  • How Do I Effectively Share Christ With Others?
  • How Do I Deal With Temptation, Addictions & Peer Pressure?
  • How Do I Discover And Know God's Calling For My Life?

Pretty good huh? The truth is that I had know idea in the beginning of what they were going to pick and request that I speak about...and I even thought that things could get a little hairy. However, putting this responsibility on them showed me that they are genuinely concerned about the things of God and about deepening their relationship with Him.

I also wanted to say that we had a great time of worship this past week...the band and singers both did a great job in leading us into the presence of the Lord. During our worship time several students began to respond by coming to the altar without any kind of was powerful. The set list included, All Because Of Jesus, Everlasting God, and Ready Now. I've got to give a special shout out to the musicians who are doing an incredible job filling in while our youth band is in a time of transition.

On another, less serious note, the freakin Easter Bunny himself graced us with his presence this past week to lead us in a revised version of the classic game Chubby was good times and the winner, Amy, even walked away with a pretty sweet little Easter basket.

Also, I have to mention that we've had like twenty something visitors over the past few weeks, which is rather encouraging especially since evangelism was one of the topics that we addressed in this series. Overall, it was a really great night and I'm just really excited about what God is continuing to do in our group, our services and especially in the lives of our students.